Ariadna Estévez

Ariadna Estévez holds a Ph.D. in International Relations (University of Sussex, UK). She teaches the courses The Necropolitical Apparatus of Forced Migration and Research Seminar on Biopolitics and Necropolitics at UNAM’s Faculty of Political and Social Sciences. She is co-coordinator of the Research in Progress Seminar on Critical Legal Studies and Migration at UNAM’s Institute of Legal Research (CISAN-IIJ).



Tenured Research Professor

Lines of investigation

  • Forced migration and violence
  • Critical studies of violence
  • Third world approaches to international law

Recent Publications

2021 The Necropolitical Production and Management of Forced Migration (Lexington Books).

2021 Necropower in North America: The Legal Spatialization Of Disposability And Lucrative Death (Palgrave Macmillan).

2018 Guerras necropolíticas y biopolítica de asilo en América del Norte (UNAM-UACM).