The Center for Research on North America organizes international conferences and seminars, inviting high-level specialists from abroad and its own researchers to participate. These events are open to the general public and anyone interested in North American issues.
• A variety of publications and collections
• Norteamérica, Revista académica, published twice a year
• Voices of Mexico, a magazine for a general readership, published
three times a year
• Web site at www.cisan.unam.mx
• Television miniseries. An annual, five-episode miniseries is broadcast on Channel 22 and Edusat Educational Television to all of the Americas


Commitment to Education

Teaching and tutoring activities are at the forefront of our goals, as we understand the challenges in training highly skilled professionals not only capable of competing globally, but also committed to the development of a more just Mexico.
As part of the UNAM, CISAN’s central value is access to education and knowledge.
As a multi- and interdisciplinary center, our researchers teach classes and tutor in different faculties and schools like the School of Political and Social Sciences, School of Economics, School of Philosophy and Literature, etc., while others teach in other UNAM bachelor’s and graduate programs and at other Mexican universities.
CISAN personnel are also heavily involved in the master’s program in Mexico-U.S. studies offered by the unam’s Acatlán Faculty of Higher Studies.
We also contribute to training professionals about the North American region through the annual on-going professional development diploma classroom and distance-learning courses, “The United States, Mexico, and Canada: An International and Regional Dimension.”