Leonardo Curzio Gutiérrez

A full-time, category “B” researcher, he is part of the CISAN Strategic Studies Area. His research deals with national security and governability. He is a Level-II member of the National System of Researchers.

Professor Curzio received his bachelor’s in sociology and master’s in political sociology from the University of Provence, France, while studying with a French government scholarship. He received his doctorate in history from the University of Valencia in Spain.

He is the author of 8 books, and the co-author of 37 more. His work has been printed by the following publishing houses: UNAM, University of Valencia, University of Pittsburgh, University of California (UCSD), INAP, Siglo XXI, Plaza y Valdés, Grijalbo, IFE, Australian National University, La Jornada Ediciones, Ariel, Centro de Estudios Hemisféricos, Fondo de Cultura Económica, Michigan State University, Oxford University Press, and the Brookings Institution, among others. 

According to the magazine Líderes Mexicanos (Mexican Leaders), he is one of the 300 most influential leaders in Mexico.

“Security and Governability in North America: National Agendas and Integration.”

Professor Curzio participates in two inter-institutional projects:

a) “Support Program for Projects for Innovation and Improving Teaching (PAPIME): From Human Security to Multi-dimensional Security. The New Issues on Mexico’s National Security Agenda: Sanitary Security (Security and Health) and Spatial Security,” developed jointly with Dr. María Cristina Rosas González (UNAM School of Political and Social Sciences).

b) “Regional Energy Security and Sustainable Development Models: Comparing the Debate,” an inter-institutional project in collaboration with Alejandro Chanona (UNAM School of Political and Social Sciences).

Introducción a la ciencia política
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La seguridad nacional en México y la relación con Estados Unidos
Leonardo Curzio, México, CISAN-UNAM, 2007. ISBN: 978-970-32-4151-4

Dangerous liaisons: organized crime and political finance in Latin America and beyond.
Leonardo Antonio Curzio Gutiérrez. Brookings Institution. Estados Unidos de América, 2013. ISBN: 978-0-8157-2529-9

Orgullo y prejuicios. Reputación e imagen de México (Pride and Prejudices. Mexico’s Reputation and Image (at press).