CISAN Publishing Department
Style Sheet

In order to ensure that papers are submitted in such a way as to make editing as efficient as possible we ask our authors to please attend to the following recommendations:

1. The paper must be the author’s final version. To avoid confusion and delays, we cannot accept any changes once it has been submitted to this department.

2. Send both a hardcopy printout and file (CD or by email, labeled with the author’s and file’s names). Use Microsoft Word 97 or any other more recent version.

3. The text should be:
* printed on good-quality letter-size paper, using one side of the page only, and double-spaced, including notes, bibliographies, and tables, using Times New Roman font, 12 pts. (no more than 26 lines per page)
* all pages should be numbered
* title, subtitles and any other divisions in the text should be easily identifiable.
* make sure to include: your full name, institutional affiliation, and personal and curricular data (University or Institution, department or area, and telephone, fax and e-mail).

4. Include adequate bibliographical information for all quoted material:
* Full author (s) name
* Title (if it is an article on a book, include the book’s title)
* Publishing House
* City of publication
* Date
* Page number
* If reference was obtained through the internet include date of search and full http address
* Periodicals: include volume, number, month or season and number of pages

5. Tables, graphs, maps, photographs should be handed in separately (in print and in file), properly organized and numbered, with clear indications as to where they are to be located in the text. Do not forget to include the source. Make sure they are legible. Images should have at least 300 dpi, and should not use strong compression. We prefer images in tiff.

6. Any copyrighted material quoted or used as visual help in the text should be handed in with proper authorization for publication.

7. Authors must sign a letter granting CISAN-UNAM his/her permission for the publication of his/hers material.

If you have any doubts or suggestions do not hesitate to contact us.

Departamento de Ediciones, CISAN
Torre II de Humanidades, piso 9
Ciudad Universitaria
Tel. 5623 0015

Astrid Velasco Montante
Head of CISAN’s Publishing Department

Teresita Cortés Díaz,

Hugo Espinoza Rubio