Mónica Verea Campos

Professor Verea, an internationalist sociologist, was the founding director of the CISAN (1989-1997). Currently, she is a researcher in the Integration Studies Area, specializing in migration policies in North America. She received her master’s in international relations from the UNAM.

She has been the academic coordinator of the CISAN diploma course “Mexico, the United States and Canada: An International and Regional Dimension” since its creation in 2002. She teaches in the Master’s in Mexico-United States Studies program at the School of Higher Learning (FES), Acatlán campus, and was that program’s founding coordinator (1982-1988).

She has compiled and edited many books. The most recent are Impacts of the Recent Economic Crisis (2008-2009) on International Migration,(México: cisan-unam, 2014); “Managing International Immigration during Turbulent Times”, Migration Studies, Special issue, Oxford University (2014);Anti-Immigrant Sentiments, Actions and Policies. The North American Region and the European Union (Mexico City: CISAN, 2012), and Nuevas experiencias de la migración de retorno (New Experiences in Return Migration) (Mexico City: Metropolis-CISAN, at press).She has also authored many articles and book chapters, mainly on migratory policies in North America and Mexico-U.S. relations. Her most recent essays include “Immigration trends after 20 years of nafta2015,“EI debate hacia una reforma migratoria en Estados Unidos durante  los primeros años del siglo xxi” (The Immigration Reform Debate in the First Years of the Twenty-first Century), 2014; “El congreso estadounidense y Obama: propuestas, posiciones y acciones ante el fracaso de una reforma migratoria íntegra” (The U.S. Congress and Obama: Proposals, Positions, and Actions in the Face of the Failure of Comprehensive Immigration Reform), 2014,  Legal and Unauthorized Mexican Migration Flows to the US (at press).

She was the general director of the UNAM Office for Inter-Institutional Collaboration from 2002 to 2004, and is currently a member of various collegiate bodies, academic hiring advisory committees, and national and foreign editorial boards. She is the vice-president of the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations (Comexi).

She was awarded the Juana Ramírez de Asbaje Prize by the UNAM the very first year it was given, in 2005.

  • Nationality: Mexican
  • Research Area: Integration Studies
  • E-mail: mverea@unam.mx
Individual Projects

“Migratory Policies in North America.”

Collective Projects

“Transnational Regional Integration: Development and Migration Policies,” an internal collective project with funding from PAPIIT, together with Edit Antal Fodróczy, Elaine Levine Leiter, and Monica Gambrill Ruppert.

Migración temporal en América del Norte: propuestas y respuestas
Mónica Verea Campos, México, CISAN-UNAM, 2007. ISBN: 970-320-939-4, 978-970-320-939-2
Estados Unidos y Canadá ¿Signos conservadores hacia el siglo XXI?
Mónica Verea C. y Silvia Núñez G., coords., México, CISAN-UNAM, 1999. ISBN: 968-36-7346-5