Our center boasts an ample catalogue of books dealing with the different regional topics we study, including works by single authors and collections. The collections are organized by topic, with an inter- and trans-disciplinary focus. To produce all these materials, the center has a specialized editorial department. All books published are submitted to an Editorial Review Board. In addition, every six months, we publish Norteamérica, Revista académica, an open forum for debate and the exchange of ideas from a multi-disciplinary perspective, with the highest academic standards. The journal is a peer review magazine that includes theoretical and methodological articles. CISAN also publishes Voices of Mexico every four months, an important medium for the unam as a whole, since it is one of the university’s few publications in English. It includes contributions about politics, the economy, art, culture, and the societies of the North American countries, targeting a wider audience interested in regional events.

Astrid Velasco Montante
Coordinator of Publications
Editor in Chief of Voices of Mexico

Teresa Jiménez Andreu
Head of the Publishing Department