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Voices No. 89
Winter 2010/2011


Our Voice
Silvia Núñez García

Mexico’s Futures
The Editors

Mexico 2011
Parliamentarianism Now
Ricardo Becerra

Human Rights Crisis in Mexico
Rubén R. García Clarck

The Mexican Brain Drain Today
Camelia Tigau

Derailing History
Indian Rebellions and the Mexican
Revolution’s Status Discussion
Rodolfo Uribe Iniesta 

EU and U.S. Manufacturing
Multinationals in Mexico
Elisa Dávalos 

Memory and Oblivion
Agustina Ramírez and María Zavala:
Two Women and Two Wars in Mexico
Ana María Saloma Gutiérrez

Reflections on a Revolution
Notes on Mexican
Women Then and Now
Heather Dashner Monk

Commemorative Section
The unam: 100 Years in the Pursuit
Of a Better Nation

unam: A Place of Learning,
Knowledge, and Culture
Rector José Narro Robles

The First 100 Years
Of the National University
Lourdes M. Chehaibar Náder

A Comprehensive
Review of University Patrimony
María Ascensión Morales Ramírez

A Century in the Cultural Life of the unam
UNAM Office of Cultural Outreach
Communications Department

The unam Film Archives
50 Years of Cinema in the University
José Manuel García Ortega
Adriana López

The University Program
“Mexico, a Multicultural Nation”
José Manuel del Val Blanco 

Special Section
The un Security Council
As Seen by Mexican Analysts

Mexico in the United Nations
Security Council

Understanding the Debate on
un Security Council Reform
G. Isaac Morales Tenorio

Mexico and Brazil
Agendas and Achievements
María Cristina Rosas

The United States and the Security Council
Guillermo J. R. Garduño Valero

The United Kingdom
Notes for a Strategic Perspective
Carlos Ballesteros

France and Africa and
Realignment with the
U.S. on the Iranian Question
Moisés Garduño

China and the un Security Council in 2010
Rodrigo Manuel Hernández Segovia

Agreements and Disagreements
Between Russia and Mexico
Daniel Añorve 

North American Issues
Potential Impacts of
The 2010 U.S. Midterm Elections
Manuel Chavez

 World Issues
Challenge from China
A Short Study Trip
Leonardo Curzio

The World Mayors Summit on Climate
Beatriz Bugeda Bernal

 In Memoriam
Bolívar Echeverría (1941-2010)
Ignacio Díaz de la Serna

Políticas migratorias y movilidad laboral en Estados Unidos, España y Singapur
Leticia Calderón

Voices No. 88
Autumn 2010


• Our Voice
Silvia Núñez García

• Interview with Arturo Sarukhán,Mexican Ambassador to the United States
Leonardo Curzio
• Mexico and the International Environmental Agenda
María Cristina Rosas

• China’s Impact on Mexican,Canadian and U.S. Trade The Beginning of nafta’s Decline?
Enrique Pino Hidalgo

North American Issues
• Eating Patterns in Mexican and U.S. Marginalized Groups in the 1940s
Bernardo Olmedo Carranza

100 Years of History
From Independence To the Revolution Six Views from the Present

1. New Spain and Independence
Alfredo Ávila
2. Independent, Inexperienced and Disorganized Political Life in Mexico (1821-1855)
María del Carmen Vázquez Mantecón
3. The Significance of the Reform Period (1855-1862)
Silvestre Villegas Revueltas
4. “When We Were an Empire” The Monarchical Experiment in Mexico (1864-1867)
Érika Pani
5. From the Restoration of the Republic to the Dictatorship of a Single Man (1867-1910)
Evelia Trejo
6. The Mexican Revolution (1910-1917)
Álvaro Matute

Art and Culture
• Film and the Mexican Revolution
David M. J. Wood

An Homage to Carlos Monsiváis
• Mexico since September 11, 2001
Carlos Monsiváis
• Carlos Monsiváis as Testmonialist
Claire Joysmith
• Carlos Monsiváis Catechizing Mephistopheles
Adolfo Castañón
• Nostalgia for Monsiváis
Jezreel Salazar

Special Section: The Cascading Effects of Arizona’s sb 1070
• The Cascading Effects of Arizona’s sb 1070 An Overview
Erik Lee
• The Immigration Debate about Mexicans
Jaime R. Aguila
• Obama and the Anti-Mexican sb 1070
Mónica Verea
• Human Rights and the Fetishization of sb 1070
Ariadna Estévez López
• Arizona’s New Anti-immigrant Law and Federal Immigration Reform
Doris Marie Provine
• The United States vs. Arizona.The Power Struggle Over Setting Immigration Enforcement Priorities
Evelyn Cruz
• Arizona’s Law: The Wrong Strategy
Paz Consuelo Márquez-Padilla
• On the Labyrinths of sb 1070
Silvia Núñez García
• Concluding Thoughts
D. Rick van Schoik

• Liliana Valenzuela, a Contemporary Malinche: On Being a Bilingual and Bicultural Creative Scribe
Interview by Claire Joysmith
• Nov. 2, 1998: On the Eve of Becoming an American Citizen
A Poem by Liliana Valenzuela

• Celebrating Mexico’s History
Arturo Cosme Valadez

Voices No. 87
Spring - Summer 2010


• Our Voice

• Interview with Carlos Pascual, U.S. Ambassador to Mexico
Leonardo Curzio
• The Importance of Setting Agendas President Calderón’s Proposal for Political Reform
Fernando Dworak

North American Issues
• The Schengen Cooperation According to the Lisbon Treaty A Model for the Americas?
Kurt Schelter
• Barack Obama and the House upon a Rock
Paz Consuelo Márquez-Padilla
• U.S.-Latin American Relations An Alternative Geopolitical Approach?
José Luis Valdés-Ugalde And Bernadette Vega

Splendor of Mexico Centennial UNAM

• The Institute of Biology’s Botanical Garden A Gem Nestled in the UNAM
Javier Caballero Nieto
• Ofunam: Music Lives in the University
Interview with Alejandro Guzmán Rojas
• The University Olympic Stadium Harmony in Time and Space
Isabel Morales Quezada
• The University Contemporary Art Museum. A Living Space
Jorge Reynoso Pohlenz
• The UNAM’s Exceptional Contemporary Medal Collection
Elsie Montiel

Homage to Lorenzo Ochoa
• Lorenzo Ochoa Salas Friend and Contributor to Voices of Mexico
• A Singular Man, a PluralWay of Seeing
Mario Humberto Ruz
• Traveling through the Huaxteca With Lorenzo
Gerardo Gutiérrez
• A Sketch of His Career
Eladio Terreros Espinosa

Special Section: Crime and Violence in Mexico
• Ciudad Juárez,War Zone
Raúl Benítez Manaut
• Aims and Limits of the Mérida Initiative
Armando Rodríguez Luna
• The Mérida Initiative on the Mexico-U.S. Border
José María Ramos García
• The Costs of Violence as a Strategy For U.S.-Mexico Border Security
Pablo Cabañas Díaz
• Homicides and Organized Violence in Mexico,1990-2008
Malgorzata Polanska

• Climate Change What Is Expected from Mexico in 2010?
Edit Antal
• From Human Rights to Civil Rights. The Unavoidable Challenges Of International Migration
Ariadna Estévez López

In Memoriam
• Carlos Rico Ferrat, a Good Heart Guided by Solidarity (1950-2010)

• Canícula. Snapshots of a Girlhood en la Frontera And Canícula. Imágenes de una niñez fronteriza
Claire Joysmith
• Diplomacia en la era digital. La ayuda alimentaria como maniobra neoliberal
Leonardo Díaz Abraham

Voices No. 86
Septiembre - Diciembre 2009


• Our Voice

• The Economic Crisis Or, How President Calderón Lost the Midterm Elections
Enrique Pino Hidalgo
• The 2009 Elections Mexico’s New Political Situation
Roberto Gutiérrez L.

• International Cooperation and Security Mexico and the Challenges Of the Mérida Initiative
Simone Lucatello • 35 Years of Demographics in Mexico
Paloma Villagómez Ornelas

• Mexico and the Crisis Always Waiting for the United States
Alicia Girón

Art and Culture
• Elsa Medina Photography, Accumulated Knowledge
José Antonio Rodríguez
• Hanging From a Thread
Betsabeé Romero
• Betsabeé Romero. Black Tears
Paloma Porraz
• Photography in a Book
Ireri de la Peña

North American Issues
• A Very Expersive Gift Mexico’s Scientific Diaspora
Camelia Tigau
• North American Integration In Times of Economic Crisis
Bibiana Gómez Muñoz
• Latin American Migrant Markets In North America “Ethnic and Nostalgia” Products
Bernardo Olmedo Carranza

In Memoriam
• Pablo Latapí Sarre. Sketch of an Educator (1927-2009)
Lourdes M. Chehaibar Náder

The Splendor of Mexico
• Mole Sauce. Flavor and Livelihood of Atocpan
Isabel Morales Quezada
• Amaranth From the Sacred to the Everyday
Isabel Morales Quezada
Raquel del Castillo
• Santa Cruz Acalpixca’s. Sweet Tradition
Raquel del Castillo

• The Interactive Economics Museum (MIDE)
Juan Amael Vizzuett Olvera

• Eduardo Lizalde Sketch-Artist’s Rendition of the Poet (With Poetry’sWild Beasts)
Carlos Pineda
• Selected Poems
by Eduardo Lizalde

• Elena Poniatowska on Her Latest Book
Interview by Claire Joysmith
• Elena Poniatowska Princess of Mexican Letters
María Cristina Hernández Escobar

• Speaking desde las heridas. Cibertestimonios transfronterizos/Transborder (September 11, 2001-March 11, 2007)
Pilar Rodríguez Aranda
• Critical Issues in the New U.S.-Mexican Relations Stumbling Blocks and Constructive Paths
Camelia Tigau

Voices No. 85
Mayo - Agosto 2009


• Our Voice

• Las Honduras abiertas de América Latina
José Luis Valdés-Ugalde
• Electoral Education Programs in Mexico
María Macarita Elizondo Gasperin

North American Issues
• The Future of the International Climate Change Regime
Andrés Ávila Akerberg • Crisis and Integration in North America Finances vs. Energy and Environment? Implications for Mexico
Ángel de la Vega Navarro • Climate Change and Renewable Energy Technology in the Obama Administration
Edit Antal

• Immigration on Mexico’s Southern Border
Ana Luisa Izquierdo y de la Cueva
• Human Rigths Violations The Real Cause of Conflict Involving Migrants around the World
Ariadna Estévez

Art and Culture
• The Art of the Missions of Northern New Spain, 1600-1821
Clara Bargellini
• Rolando Arjona Amábilis Pilgrim of Painting
Luis Mendoza
• Nineteenth-Century Yucatán Regionalism And the Literary Press. El Museo Yucateco and El Registro Yucateco (1841-1849)
Arturo Taracena Arriola
• The Mayan Language Sound of the Souls of Their Ancestors
Miguel A. Güemez
• A Voyage through The UndergroundWorld of the Mayan Riviera
Elsie Montiel

• NAFTA Economic Crisis and Regional and Sectoral Impacts
Elizabeth Gutiérrez Romero
• TheWorld Economic Crisis And Job Loss in Mexico
Ciro Murayama

Special Section: Mexico and the UN Security Council
• Mexico and the UN Security Council
María Cristina Rosas
• UN Security Council Is the U.S. Playing at Multilateralism?
José Luis Valdés-Ugalde
• France and the United Kingdom On UN Security Council Reform
Valeria Marina Valle
• Russia’s UN Security Council Agenda
Ana Teresa Gutiérrez del Cid
• A Prudent Power? China in the UN Security Council
José Luis León-Manríquez

The Splendor of Mexico
• Yucatán, Thirty Centuries of History before the Spaniards
Adriana Velázquez Morlet
• Colonial History of Yucatán
Sergio Quezada
Silvana Hernández Ortiz
• Yucatán after Independence. How the Peninsula Was Divided
Justo Miguel Flores Escalante

• The Museum of the Mayan People in Dzibilchaltún
Elsie Montiel

In Memoriam
• Alejandro Rossi (1932-2009) The Generous Writer
Juan Villoro

• Estudios de Cultura Maya, vol. XXXI
(Mayan Culture Studies, vol. 31)
Roberto Romero Sandoval
• Estudios de Cultura Maya, vol. XXXII
(Mayan Culture Studies, vol. 32)
Michela Craveri

Voices No. 84
Enero - Abril 2009


• Our Voice

• The 2009 Elections Perspectives and Challenges
Lorenzo Córdova Vianello
• Security without Rights, or What Went Wrong with the National Security Accord?
Luis González Placencia • Drug-Trafficking-Related Violence in Mexico Organization and Expansion
José Arturo Yáñez Romero

• The Bail-Out and the Causes Of the Financial Crisis
Monica Gambrill • The Impact of the Global Crisis in Mexico For Whom Does the Bell Toll?
Enrique Pino Hidalgo

Art and Culture
• Puuc Style Mayan Cities Trimmed in Stone
Adriana Velázquez Morlet
• Notes on Izamal City of Three Cultures
Luis Millet Cámara
• Julio Galán Painting as Diary
Isabel Morales Quezada

North American Issues
• Obama and Mexico, Security Forever!Why Not?
José Luis Valdés-Ugalde
• Rethinking President Obama’s Victory and Challenges
Silvia Núñez García
• Obama and Mexico New Paths of Hope
Leonardo Curzio
• The Birth of the Virtual Political Community And the Victory of Barack Obama
Paz Consuelo Márquez-Padilla
• President Obama And Latinos in the U.S.
Elaine Levine

World Affairs
• Food Crisis: Is It Really About Food?
Camelia Nicoleta Tigau
• Understanding the World Food Crisis And Its Effects in Mexico
Ciro Murayama

Special Section: Mexico and the World
• Beyond Politics: Cultural Connections among Mexico, Romania and Poland
José Luis Valdés-Ugalde
Camelia Tigau
• A Discreet Look at Africa from Mexico
Louis Valentin Mballa
• Mexico and India: Slowly Approaching Each Other from Afar
Bernadette Vega
• Lessons for Mexico: Chile and Brazil’s Experience with China
María José Calderón Matute

The Splendor of Mexico
• A Glimpse of Ek’ Balam Leticia Vargas de la Peña
Víctor R. Castillo Borges
• Dzibilchaltún A Mayan Regional Center
Rubén Maldonado Cárdenas
• Yucatán’s Green Gold
Elsie Montiel
• The Ingredients in Yucatán Cuisine
Elsie Montiel and Isabel Morales

• The Cantón Palace. Yucatán’s Regional Anthropology Museum
Blanca M. González Rodríguez

In Memoriam
• Don Ernesto de la Torre Villar. Professor Emeritus
Ana Carolina Ibarra

• La americanización de la modernidad. Bolívar Echeverría, compiler
Julio Roldán
• Aquella Luz, la que estremece/ The Light That Makes Us Tremble, Nela Rio (Hugh Hazelton, trans.)
Claire Joysmith