Science, Technology, and Society in North America. Comparison of Science and Technology Policies and Regulations.

Antal Fodróczy Edit

Mass Media in North America: Mexico in the U.S. and Canadian Social Imaginary.

Barrón Pastor Juan Carlos

Security and Geopolitics in North America.

National Security and the Armed Forces in Mexico.

Benítez Manaut Raúl Guillermo

Security and Governance in North America: National Agendas and Integration.

Curzio Gutiérrez Leonardo Antonio

Origins and Development of the Republican Ideal among the U.S. Founding Fathers.

Díaz de la Serna Ignacio

The Culture Wars in U.S. Higher Education: a Historic, Socio-cultural Perspective.

U.S. Cultural Studies.

Golubov Figueroa Nattie Liliana

The Service Economy in North America; Integration and Internationalization of Services. Information Technologies, and Their Socio-Economic Repercussions.

Gutiérrez Romero Elizabeth

U.S. Political Thinking.

Márquez-Padilla Paz Consuelo

Instructions for Living in Limbo: North American Borders on the Cusp of Two Centuries.

Mercurial Light. Canadian Cities vis-à-vis U.S. Metropolises. Literature and Cinema on the Cusp of Two Centuries.

Martínez-Zalce Graciela

Transformation of U.S. and Canadian Financial Structures: A Prospective Analysis of Securitization.

Maya López Claudia Esmeralda

Brain Circulation in North America. The Case of Highly Qualified Migration in Mexico.

Tigau Camelia Nicoleta

Class Inequality and Social Structure in the United States.

The Role of U.S. Social Movements in the Fight against Urban Poverty in the 1990s.

Núñez García Silvia

Succession and Balance of Power in Canada (1980-2010). Analysis and Perspectives of the Party System after Three Decades of Liberal and Conservative Governments.

Santín Peña Oliver

The United States and Democracy in Latin America: Political, Economic, and Social Transition.

From “Americanism” as a Hegemonic Ideology to Smart Power as an (Inevitable) Strategy for the New Century. Globalization, Decline, and Recovery in the United States: Toward a New Foreign Policy? Regional Repercussions. A Comparative Review.

Valdés Ugalde José Luis

Migratory Policies in North America.

Verea Campos Mónica

Sub-national Dynamics in North America: Relations of Canadian Non-Central Governments with Their Counterparts in the United States and Mexico.

Zepeda Martínez Roberto